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Optional Colour Theme

The fun dress theme for w/c 15th April 2024 is:


 Blue, Maroon & Burgundy


at all SalsaEngland class venues

 (Abingdon, High Wycombe and Bicester)



What is it? Each week, a few colours are chosen, and if you so desire, you can dig out those long forgotten items in your wardrobe and get into the fun theme for the evening! 


What if I wish to join in but don’t have the colours? Worry not! Remember it's just an optional theme, wear what you like. But if you really would like to join in and it's a blue, maroon and burgundy theme for example and you don't have anything maroon to wear why not just wear something blue or burgundy or vice versa? You will look just as stunning and everyone will compliment each other's attire.


Why? It has evolved into a very important photographic aid, as the photographs taken whilst dancing, have more impact as the dancers compliment each other’s attire. This appears not to be the only reason, as when the colour schemes recently ceased for a brief period, complaints rained in from dancers who quite enjoyed not having to trawl through a whole wardrobes full of clothes, wondering what on earth to wear!

How did it start? It all started a few years ago when the ladies at one of the SalsaEngland classes used to get together to decide what they were going to wear the following week. If a lady missed one week, they started approaching the team to ask if we knew what the colour scheme was. When the main instigators of the colour themes were absent, it somehow fell upon the shoulders of SalsaEngland to think up the schemes . . . so there you have it, the evolution of the weekly fun colour schemes!

Is it optional? Of course it is!


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See you on the dance floor!

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